7 Best Credit Cards for Fresh Graduate Malaysia 2021

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If you are a fresh graduate and just walk into the workplace, having your first credit card is a very big step for your adulthood.


Just as you think, you want to know what are the best credit cards for a fresh graduate, what kind of things you need to take note of, and how to apply for a credit card?


I know you have already taken a look at some big credit card comparison websites like Ringgitplus and CompareHero, but you still can’t decide which one is more suitable to you.

Because there are too much variety and have all kind of the benefits

Sometimes there are some terms & conditions for the reward you don’t ever know until you start to redeem.


I know your pain and I decide to help you with choosing the most suitable credit card for you.

In this article, you will know what is the credit card best suited for you. Mainly for fresh graduates who have a salary level of RM2,000 – 3,000.

Nowadays, online shopping has become a common thing because of the MCO. And if you are a shopaholic especially for Lazada, then this credit card will be suitable for you, because it is exactly designed for Lazada users.


You can take a look for its benefits on below table:


Terms & Conditions

Cashback rate


10X Reward Points

Lazada spends and Lazada Wallet top-up


Monthly spend cap at RM500,

spend more than RM500 above the Reward Points will change back to X1

5X Reward Points

Online & lifestyle category spends


Monthly spend cap at RM500,

spend more than RM500 above the Reward Points will change back to X1

Bonus 1,000 reward points

When spend more than RM1,500 this month



RM10 Lazada Wallet - new customer

Get RM10, when you top up at least RM50 to  Lazada Wallet


Can only redeem once

RM10 Lazada Wallet - existing customer

Get RM10, when you top up at least RM100 to  Lazada Wallet


Only provide for first 1000 users to collect each month

Lazada x Citi Mondays

Every Monday, spend min. RM200 to get RM28 off


Need to collect the voucher yourself at Lazada App 

Annual Fee: RM100 (Waive for first 3 years)

10x Reward Points and 5x Reward Points are petty rare feature for all the citibank cards

But after I calculate the best cashback and rewards you can get is not so appealing 

Best case scenario:

You spend RM1500, on Lazada 

Top up RM100, get RM10

Spend on Monday RM200 x2, get RM28 x2 = RM 56

Max Reward Points can get per months is 8500 = RM10

Total = RM76

I guess the best part is spending more on Monday XD

Min Monthly Salary:RM2,000

Public Bank Quantum Visa & MasterCard

These two cards from Public Bank are tied together, meaning that by applying one of the cards you will also get the other one.

What I like the most is both of these cards have 5% cashback in different areas.

Public Bank Quantum





Contactless Transaction




Online Shopping



The monthly cap is RM30, and maximum cashback you can get is RM60

Each card you need to speed RM600 to reach the cap

But you don’t need to intentionally spend more to get the cashback, so just spend it wisely.


And its Annual Fee is Free for Life, which most people care about.

Min Monthly Salary:RM3,000

Maybank 2 Gold Cards

These Maybank 2 Gold Cards are also the same with Public bank, both of the cards are tied together. 

One is Visa, another is AMEX (American Express)

And you can have 5% cashback on the weekend, Monthly cap at RM50 (only for AMEX card)

But, one of the con is that some of the merchants don’t accept AMEX, so you need to keep a Visa card just for emergencies and some awkward moments.

Annual Fee is Free for Life!!!

Min Monthly Salary:RM2,500

Affin Duo Visa Cash Back & Mastercard Rewards

What I recommend almost all are Duo cards XD

Yeah, this Affin Duo as well, having Visa & Mastercard at the same time, and also the most recommended credit cards so far.


Why? Let’s us look at the benefits

This is the highest cashback monthly cap I see so far, and the specified cashback category is most relevant for us too.

To reach the monthly cap, you need to spend RM2666.67 to get the RM80. It is quite hard to reach the cap, but it is also the easiest for us to get 3% cashback and get at least RM20 – 30 cashback each month if you utilise well.

Besides using Visa card for  the 3% cashback, you can also use Mastercard to collect points for rewards.

Annual Fee : RM75 (Free for first 3 years), but can call for waiver

Min Monthly Salary:RM2,000

Pro Tips

Annual Fee

Some credit cards will waive for the first 3 years, after that period don’t be afraid to negotiate for a fee waiver!


Just call the call centre and ask for a waiver, normally if you have spent using your credit card, they are willing to waive for the annual fee.

Clear off your statement every month

This is the most important!

If you can’t control your spending, don’t use a credit card.

Because the interest rate is very high, any card’s benefit and offer will be all wasted.

So it is important to clear off all the bills before the due date. (I normally pay up the next day I receive the statement)

Services Tax

Every credit card will charge RM25 each year for services tax, which is compulsory. So don’t be frightened when you see this amount.


Cashbacks are great, but they can tempt consumers to overspend.

Always try to clear your credit card bill to avoid interest charges, because your cashbacks would mean nothing if you end up paying for interest on your balance.

How to apply for a credit card?

Actually it is very easy right now. You can just apply online and get it after 2 weeks.

No need to go to the bank branch, it is safer for you to just stay home during this time, right?


I will recommend you register with RinggitPlus because it is easiest & fastest to apply for your credit card after you choose from above.


RinggitPlus also has a limited time offer and campaign once in a while for new sign-ups, so remember to have a look.

The best credit cards ( I Recommended)

At last, after seeing all of the credit cards, my most recommended credit card is Affin Duo Visa Cash Back & Mastercard Rewards


Because the cashback cap is the highest, and it’s also very suitable for us (the youngsters) to shop online and top up ewallet, and also Free Annual Fee*. 


Register right now!

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